Robin (chicamala21) wrote in aquamarines,

Summer Employment

So I'm starting to think about where to work over the summer. My first idea was to get a job at the EPA, but there won't be any info on the website until the end of February, and I'd like some other options. Some other ideas I've had:

Intern at the National Aquarium in Washington. I volunteered there two summers ago, and the place isn't very big, but it would be a familiar place.

Intern at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. As far as I can see there's no salary though, and I really need the money to help with school. Plus, while I love that place to death, the commute would be a tad painful. And I need to turn in an application by March, giving me one month to get recommendations, talk to my advisor about getting credit out of it, etc.

Job at the National Zoo. Having trouble finding jobs for my age group though. I know they're there because I've tried getting a job there before, I just can't find them at this exact second.

If anyone has any other ideas, has any experience, or has any input on the above I'd really appreciate it!
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