Drenched in Sin (dovetail66) wrote in aquamarines,
Drenched in Sin

A sad day in the marine life world...

R. I. P. Ralph. You were my favorite one of the whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium. You were more people-friendly than the others. You died just two and a half weeks after Gasper the Beluga Whale. THese are both DEVASTATING blows to the Aquarium, but they couldnt be helped.

He just stopped swimming last night, and they hoisted him to the top to check on him, and he died. Mom came in and WOKE ME UP at 530am to tell me this..

How many people do you know who care enough about a fish to be woken up at 530am and start crying when you hear the news that he has died?

This is a bad sign.. I told her that they are incredibly temperamental animals, and now AT LEAST Norton or alice OR trixie is going to follow him into the realm of the unknown.. I just know it.

Rest in peace, you beautiful gentle giant. You were amazing to watch for the months that I got to see you swim over my head. Whale sharks are my FAVORITE things on the face of the planet.
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