Robin (chicamala21) wrote in aquamarines,

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Hello all!

I'm glad to find a community on marine life that's really active!

So I guess basics are in order. My name's Robin, I'm originally from DC but right now I'm a marine science and biology major at the University of Miami (well not at this second I'm home for winter break) I'm also in the school's marine science honor society and marine mammal stranding team.

I've wanted to be a marine biologist since I went to Sea World in San Diego when I was nine. The animals looked so cool, so I looked for a field of science that dealt with them and I came up with marine biology. As I got older I got more interested in conservation, so I'm looking to get a PhD so that I can do research for conservation purposes.

Looking forward to meeting you all and exchanging ideas!
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I'm Emily :)

How's living in FL? I'm going to Eckerd College next year to study marine bio :D
Ooooo I thought about applying there, but I'd had my fill of small schools :P

I love it there! I've always been a summer girl so I really enjoy wearing T-shirts in December! Get ready for cold fronts though. You wouldn't think FL can get cold, but after getting used to 70-80 degrees, 60 suddenly feels freezing!
Hey Robin, my names Maria.
Im a Marine Biology Major in Stony Brook University (NY). Im not part of the marine mammal stranding team in Ny, but the head was a professor and we got to do alot of cool dissections there. Its cool to see someone even know aout the stranding team. Nice to see you and have an awesome break :)
Oooo I remember looking at that school, but I'm not a big fan of cold weather so I decided I had to go south :P

My name's Vanessa and I'm a junior marine biology major at Florida International University (your supposed rival school, lol). I have a few friends over at UM that are marine science majors as well and intern at RSMAS. I myself work at the Miami Seaquarium and a member of MARS as well, our university's marine science program is developing so we are yet to have an honor society -_-, hahaha. If you need some headway into the field you should give the place a look. They're always looking for interns and whatnot. I was born in New York and raised in Miami, and let me tell you, living in a state thats 90% sorrounded by water couldn't be any better for a marine lover!!
Haha, I completely agree. I love FL so much!
Hello and welcome! Enjoy your stay!

I'm just a crazy kid who likes marine life.